Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Nightfather (a book review)

There have been many stories written about the horrors of the concentration camps and the terrible crimes inflicted upon the Jews by the Nazis but this book deals with aftermath of that. A man survives, finds his love and they have children - but of course the horrors of the concentration camp - both mental and physical - do not simply vanish like a fog. The man explains his history to his children and thus they also must deal with the "camp" and what was done to their father - and their fear that it may be their turn next. It also touches upon the disbelief the children encounter as they go to school and express their history with a class that is not Jewish and has a different history of the war.

All of it is gently told, through the eyes of a daughter. It is haunting, beautiful and sad and it reminds us, as all good books should, to be ever vigilant, ever prepared to stand up for the good of humanity no matter their difference in skin, belief or language - fitting for these times really.

I recommend this book to anyone.

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