Sunday, 8 July 2012

The use of God to defend the indefensible

Read with  pain and horror about the execution of the 22 year old woman in Afghanistan. I did not watch the video and wish news sites did not rush to put such videos up on the web. That, however, is another issue.

The thing that sticks in my throat about the execution is the way people often use the excuse of 'God's Will' to allow themselves to perpetrate all many of horrors. Murder, rape, sexual and physical abuse of women and children, maiming, torture. The list of atrocities done under God's name equals the list of Humanity's atrocities.

I think a great rule of thumb for justice might be that whenever someone says they are only carrying out 'God's Will' we demand that they stop.

This woman was murdered because men rule with guns and gods. Because men so often decide what those rules are, because men so often claim to have the ear of God, and because men - especially in mobs -  turn to 'God's Will' to allow them to do the things that they know are inherently wrong.

How can a killing ever be justified?

How can a ruling ever be fair when the accused has no power?

Why would an eternal being ever want to see someone killed?  Surely, having all eternity, they can wait a few blinks. It is man that cannot wait - especially when it involves women, children and power - then they race as fast as they can load a gun to inflict their desire and shout God's name as loudly as they can to hide their evil actions.

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