Thursday, 12 July 2012

here is a poem I wrote in about 1980!


This assurance I don,
This facade of a smile,
These carefully set lips
That refuse to crack
Lest the blood spurts free
To colour everything…
Do you realise
That I love you?
That I smell you in the middle of the night?
I lay awake between cold sheets
Recently warmed by your embrace
And my hand caresses the indention
Where before your head lay.

You return;
I refuse to collapse into your arms.
With a swagger I ask,
‘What did you do last night?’
While trying to hide from your eyes
That last night…
Was almost my last.

I cannot gaze at the moon
Without seeing your smile,
I long to smell you fresh
Instead of this early morning linger,
I crave your legs!
I am alone with the night
And can only think
Of spending it with you.

Is this the end?
Have I lost my Tarzan’s grip?

Yet I fear
I may be coming unstuck.

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