Monday, 9 July 2012

videos and the news

This came up in an earlier blog of mine but this is another thing I do not agree with. Why do news feeds feel the need to give us graphic footage of horrific events from around the world.

And if we feel the need to plaster such videos around the world how can we be angry when our children do the same with videos they take of violent incidents. Surely we are teaching them to do this?

If I am told an Afghanistan woman has been executed by being shot - do I then need to see the video? I think not. If we watch these videos when we can easily read the news, then aren't we eimply succumbing to a voeyerism?

Is it then so surprising that our children are doing the same?

I avoid those videos and make it clear to my children what i think of the news feeds for needing to display them.

They may argue with me - certainly my son has - I can see the thought has set and they think about videos they know of and the harm such videos can cause. It may not change an action of one of my children

but if I watch these videos I am certain I have no right to even try and change that action - like the smoking father saying, 'smoking is no good for you, don't do it,' can we really expect the child to listen?

We must show through our actions the choices we would like our children to make, no through empty words.

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