Friday, 20 July 2012

The Judd thing

It has been hilarious to read the outraged comments by media, ex-players and even sad supporters of other clubs who must add their silly comments at the end of silly articles.

Just some facts.

Judd got 4 weeks for the arm tugging. Hurt a player he should have taken care of so 4 weeks is probably about right.

But to try and now lynch the man, make him evil, make him twisted and a menace, a man intent on deliberately hurting in an unmanly manner, and so forth, is just tripe dribbling out of the mouths of vacuous  people who have little grasp on reality. 

Just some other points.

Alistair Clarkson (playing for Nth) once king hit  Ian Aitken (breaking his jaw I think) when they were playing an exhibition match overseas. Bad act - worse than Judd's atrocious chicken wing wrenching that I think left a man unharmed - rather than armless as you'd think by the hate mail.  Does this make Clarkson an evil menace? No, just a player playing a physical game over-stepping the mark.

Leigh Mathews on Bruns - broken jaw again I think - an illegal act of thuggery - yet Mathews (and rightly so, one of the best players I ever saw) is hailed as a great of the game - surely Judd's act was the lesser of the two (no, no, of course not, this is Judd - he is evil).

Barry Hall - a player now commenting on Judd's poor form (no really, this is where I start laughing) threw one of the most viscious punches I have ever seen on poor Staker. But Barry's just a tough nut - unlike that sniper Judd.

And so forth...

There have been thousands of unsavory acts on the football field - of course there have been - it is a very physical sport. Sometimes those unsavory acts (like Judd's) oversteps the mark and they are punished accordingly.

But the silly vitriol is just an example of the pathetic nature of commentating (by media journos, ex-players and sad, little men lost in their  empty lounge rooms). Judd overstepped a mark many, many players have overstepped a thousands of times before - even great players.

And hopefully, when the silly mouths finally close, reason will reassert itself and we can all just admire the footballer that Judd is and not try and drag him down to the demon level to somehow try and make us feel better.

And of course all players will be treated the same, won't they - I mean Rioli's chicken wing on Warnock will now be looked at, won't it. Hunt's stepping on Betts hand will be re-examined won't it. No. No of course not. Judd is one of those players people love to hate. It's just the way it is.

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