Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Clayworker

Do nothing but forget me!
Like the ocean’s spray,
Let me envelop you,
Let me caress, excite and elicit
The secret responses hidden from view.

Do nothing, nothing! But forget me
For though my hands work miracles
The promises I whisper in my need
Are as binding as daisy chains
While your hindsight reproaches
Wreck havoc upon my innocence.

Even as they unlace the dress
That keeps your hot flesh at bay
(Remember! Do nothing but forget me!)
My hands, browned in the wet earth
Itch to mould damp clay

And while my lips kiss your abyss

(Remember! Remember!)
My tongue tastes your coming screams
For in the morning (you were warned!)
I shall abandon your sweet nest
And as I struggle to produce an afterimage
Of your sensuousness, my ears
Lost in creation’s delight,
Shall not hear your voice cry out,
And my soul, empty as the darkest night,
Shall devour your final embrace –
Everything passes through me!

I am nothing.
I take everything.
I slip into ancient warmth
To discover your secrets.
I see into your pain
And make it mine.
I feel your heartbeat,
Match it, change it,
Lead it down paths once hidden.

I caress.
I force.
I manipulate
And the clay breathes
Exits in shimmering propinquity
To that which is!

I need nothing.
I grip nothing.
While my words seduce
My eyes appraise,
I take what lies hidden
And follow the inspiration.

I need nothing.
I grip nothing.
Everything slips through my fingers.

Sometimes I gentle flesh,
I caress and softly seek
The recesses of delight.
Sometimes I erupt
To rend a vision
Unto existence!

I seek nothing –
The discipline is to listen.
The clay sings
And the dream is revealed.

So one final time

(Come my sparrow, my sweetling,
My sacrifice)
As my fingers trace our passing
(Come seek my arms, my loins,
My embrace)
Along the bumps of your white spine
(Discover that though the flesh may sate and separate,
The passion that compels us)
Remember this –
(Can invest us with a truth
So vast everyone is touched!)
Do nothing but forget me!

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