Sunday, 15 July 2012

It's for the children

Glad to read in Sunday's age that the opposition to homosexual marriage (or should that be non- heterosexual marriage? Because they keep trying to toss in stuff like polygamy and animal husbandry) is not about Gay or Lesbian couples at all. Well, not in so far as it is an opposition to Gay and Lesbian Rights, not, not at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's just concern for the children! It's about ensuring all children have the Right to be born into a marriage with a father and a mother - of course the fact that already in Australia a third of children are born out of marriage (and how many of them know their fathers?) doesn't seem to matter!

And woe betide the rights of the children with Gay parents parents- apparently they have already lost their Rights - same as their parents!

But at least it is good to hear that they are not bigoted, that they do not fear Gay or Lesbian couples - why a few of them even admitted they like them! But, despite their like, alas, they must fight against the idea of changing the Marriage Act (you know that Act that was changed by Howard to get us in this mess in the first place!) because they must protect the unborn children - they must ensure we keep enshrining that right of fathers and mothers - which isn't rally a right, just a way evolution got around to making the whole thing work - far easier than people producing flowers for bees to pollinate!

So there you go. Children Rights! Protect the children from those demon marriages where their parents may be happy and in love and not bashing the shit out of one (or the other) and where dad's and uncles are not petting their daughters and nieces for secret satisfaction - nothing wrong with those marriages - but the other kind - oh the "other kind" will ruin the children- will destroy them!

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