Saturday, 23 June 2012

The New Media

Now many people have a handle on this - me, I am not one of them. So part of the reason for this blog is to try and learn how to use blogs, facebook, linkedin, twitter etc to help connect me to a possible audience.

It's important for new authors - especially those whose publishers are small, independent and just starting out - to find an audience.

We have all heard stories of the power these new media networks can have - erotic stories anyone? - but stories are always full of myths as well as facts. How to separate the two? I think I will just jump in and try to see what happens. I started this blog some time ago - when the Tree Singer was first published - but it has been mainly idle ever since. Not now. I will make this thing part of my daily routine. Thoughts, poems and updates on new novels, stuff like that.

So to anyone stumbling across this blog - Hello, welcome etc. Please excuse my ignorance at how things work but I am slowly teaching myself to set these pages out in a way that appeals to me. I hope it may also appeal to you.

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