Monday, 25 June 2012


So I was doing a book launch reading the other day with some other authors and we are reading passages out from our novels. One author then says I have something new to read out and began to read out  new novel she was working on - a piece of erotica.

Shouldn't be surprised of course because you know as soon as someone makes a big whale of money in a certain genre million trillion little krills will come swimming along trying to make the same killing...Mixed metaphor or what?

So - see this is my idea - should I write an erotic novel about an vampire who goes to a werewolf magic school? Its gotta work surely....

Seriously, I know we follow trends or are already jogging along in an empty lane that then gets filled by bigger, faster runners (another metaphor mix-up) but it irks me somewhat how people try to cling to the coat tails of whoever's rushing past.

Oh and it wasn't erotic. It was just her reading out her fantasy while the rest of  us grew bored.

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