Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dear Pollies...About the boat people...

Dear Pollies,  about the so called boat people, just find a solution. No more grandstanding, no more labels like queue jumpers, just solve the damn thing.

Just understand people are dying because they are fleeing and are desperate. We cannot do a lot about the fleeing but we can do something about the desperation. We can decide not to leave them in hell-holes where they become so desperate they will board leaky boats and brave the open seas to try and find a place of safety.

Dear Pollies, we know about saftey - does that mean we have to forget about desperation?

Have we no heart? No sense of fairness. Must we label them and ridicule them and pretend what they do is illegal?

They are simply humans trying to find a solution to their lives, to find a way to keep themselves alive, to keep their children alive, to escape fear and persecution.

Dear Pollies, find a solution. Help them to help themselves. Help them to stay alive.

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