Friday, 29 June 2012

bonus melior optimus

Of the three I had no place -
not even of the least -
sat at the back preparing my hands

for the leather kiss of failure.
I loved the words, could hear the ring
of the metal, the smell of leather and dust.

My feet travelled their world
of mountains, straight streets and wars.
I fought elephants and failed

time and again
to conjugate the correct path.
I placed my hand in the fire,

leap from the bridge,
fought the spartan, found the pass,
entered the cavern

and sought the Delphic Oracle
but never reached the shore
of understanding the language -

then these years later, I confess, failure
hangs like a slash between syllables,
the journey eludes still.

I think the trick is to utter the thought
and accept
I am none the wiser

only that sometimes the Muse whispers
and for a fleeting moment her sound
is understood.

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