Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fighting the Age Old Battle

So the two things I have begun this year to combat the encroaching creep of years

- for the body I have taken up Tai Chi and, after about 15 weeks of lessons and lots of practice, believe I am just starting to feel the benefits. Certainly my thighs feel much stronger - which should add to my bike riding to and from work.

A side benefit seems to be the way it has helped my Arthritis. Haven't had a flare up and my hips have not ached with the changing weather  - my job as the family forecaster is over perhaps?

- As for the brain, that's Lumosity's job and this has been fantastic - 40 something days in a  row I have now visited their website and do my 'brain pushups'. I feel more alert, my memory feels stronger and I think I can joins faces and names better than I have ever been able to.

I chose Tai Chi because many many years ago a group of people I knew at Rusden started it and loved it and then one of them - Elena - wrote a play and in that play I had to pretend (act) I knew something about Tai Chi. I've wanted to explore it ever since, but what with partying and then babies and jobs and stuff, well I am there now.

Lumosity came about because of a book I've been reading all about the brain's plasticity (being married to a psychologist helps - they have great libraries, though sadly I tend to loose all the arguments in our house...) and how things thought lost (or diminished with time) can be worked on, exercised and even improved upon.

Tai Chi and Lumosity - food for mind and body... gotta help the writing surely.....

So that's what I'm doing.. what have you chosen to help stay fit and young (for young, read not dribbling from mouth while rocking back and forth on the porch daydreaming about days already yellowing at the edges)?

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