Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dragonfall Press are about halfway through their look at Catalina (after the edits - thanks Graham Adair) and so far it looks like all is good. Michael thinks the final edits will be minimal. Meanwhile Lee (link above) is reading the novel and will design the cover etc for Catalina. Can't wait to see what she comes up with. Her work is fantastic!

So things are moving along nicely with Catalina - would make a great Christmas present (we should all give books!) if its out in time.

My Cousin Jack ( and the stars on the soles of his feet) is all but done and I'll plonk it in sleep for a while and let my brain forget about it for a few months before I look at it again.

The Forgotten Forest - the minotaur novel - is over 35,000 words in length now and doing well - though its veering off towards a Celtic myth somehow...not sure how that's happening but characters and plots do that to you.

Meanwhile I will get busy putting up poems on this blog for anyone who might be interested. There are all these poems I have sitting around watching the weeds grow so here they can have a home where a little bit of sunshine might sneak in.

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