Friday, 25 January 2013

The stars

Just received a 3 star review for Catalina. 3 Stars leaves you a bit blah. It doesn't bag your book and doesn't praise your book. Really it just says " read it." Or am I being too harsh?

Is three stars better than that? I feel good when I get four, five is even better, and how sad that I even care, but of course I do. I want people to read my book. That happens with people becoming aware it exists - and that in this internet capillary system where books need all the help they can get, stars are a form on oxygen - 0r are they?

Are the stars important at all? Do people even care about them? I have never bought a book based on is star rating - do other people though? Or are they irrelevant, just a thing Amazon/Goodreads etc do to create a false sense of how important they are. And if they are important, how important, are like like gold?

 Can you buy stars? Is this the new currency? Or are they a fool's gold. A pot at the end of the rainbow dream for writers desperate to have a sense of an audience out there?

And reviews? How important are they?

Is their a review swapping site where writers gather like shadows in old cafes and swap reviews for a chance at some kind of recognition?  I'll reviews yours if you review mine...

Anyway...Cat got 3 stars today... yeah so blah...

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