Thursday, 24 January 2013

I am thinking of writing a new blog, sort of 'the adventures of...' blog. A fictional character's not so great exploits.

Bomba Dun I think might be the character's name.

Yesterday I received a returned manuscript and a thanks but no thanks...From Ford Street Publishing...It was a very old book ( written about eight years ago) for  very young readers. Ford Street gave me a great, 'No thanks,' letter  that it wasn't just a photocopy of a standard 'thanks but no thanks' with some signature scrawled on the bottom. They actually went through what they thought I needed to attend to to strengthen the story.

Same old  same old for me I am afraid, trillions of spelling mistakes... Plus some 'voice' mistakes where my voice intruded into the story, instead of staying with George's voice, the character telling the story. Insightful and very helpful. I know publishers are inundated but isn't that their job, to read manuscripts and maybe to help, where they can, foster writing talent,  and this letter was only a page long but it made the rejection easier and it also gave me some things to work on.

So I would like to thank Ford Street Publishing for reading my manuscript and for their reply letter...and now its back to work.

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