Saturday, 26 January 2013


So today I won 750,000 Euros!!!!

I mean, how easy is that! In the past month I think I have won somewhere in the region of 3.8 million dollars... Gee I love the internet.

I haven't got around to claiming any of these prizes as yet, I've been too busy supplying information to a Russian Lady, A Nigerian gent and some lawyer in London to help them with their difficulties around funds - another 2 million dollars coming my way -

Which is just as well. It seems my computer is filled with Trojans, Macedonians and even the occasional Goth, also my bank funds seem to have been misplaced while The German police are after me for a crime they think I committed in Frankfurt (even though I was also spotted in a stolen car in Greece and boarding an airplane in Cambodia.

This is a difficult period for me - I appear to have recently married three women (besides my wife) and have adopted seventeen Romanian children. Really all these funds will help me sort all this out.

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