Monday, 21 January 2013

the artist draws us to their vision

I was watching a doco on Sydney Nolan, very enjoyable - have always loved his Kelly paintings

at one point the curator who was in charge of the 2007 Nolan exhibition (one I missed unfortunately)
was talking about a particular painting

The thing he said that struck me was that he thought it strange that this painting of Nolan's was at first seen as repulsive or undesirable (or something like that) was not seen as a alluring and very collectable.

What struck me about this statement was that I thought that was the point of art.

The artist has a vision outside (often) the realm of an audience's expectations but through her/his artist 'genius' the artist brings the audience to the point where her/his vision shifts from 'shocking' or 'repulsive' to the norm, to acceptable or 'collectable' or for a writer - readable.

Isn't that the point of art and why art can be inspired by what has gone before but should jot simply seek to mimic or copy it, but to use it to show the new artist's unique vision.

Art changes before the audience's expectations change, it then influences those expectations, changes them and we await the arrival of the next step.

It is why there is always a difference between the artist and the marketplace.
there are those right now seeking to scribble out the next fifty shades of grey or paint whatever is seen as the in thing at the moment - simply mimicking hat has already occurred for the cash. They may make money  but unless they take that form and somehow affect it to become thier unique insight, all they are doing is cashing in on another's work and often (usually I would think) their success is short lived and meaningless (although perhaps not in dollar terms).

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