Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Mab’s Road:

Hot, sticky, black tar
covers, smothers, burns
from the outside in.

Pluck out the eyes; yolk
from a three-minute egg, scooped out
with the cold spoon of reason –
the sight of you ignites.
Stitch up the nasal tunnels, sew
them closed like the holes
in over-worn socks –
the smell of you inflames me.
Seal the mouth shut, superglue
the lips so the desire to kiss
stays trapped within –
swallowed back to the pit.

I burn in your presence
and when you leave
your memory percolates;
an impeding explosion.

I am the road laid out before you,
tarred, hardened and ready for your leisure.

Regret matters not, erosion
is satisfaction with hindsight,
so ride me to that blazing sunset -

let all consequences be damned!

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