Sunday, 1 October 2017

A Shakespearean Quote:

A true story — or so I am told —
of the little visitor to the car stranded
on the side of the road; as the person
who told me, told me
tears streamed down his face
while his backup to the story
sat quietly and nodded as the former told
the tale of the car that stopped without reason —
first a gurgle, a lurch or three —
the no movement at all…turn the key…
a whine, a struggle… nothing —
the infinity of silence, an absence of movement.

The teller left the car to look at the motor,
the other remained behind the wheel
and here we have the two visitations – which really is one —
first to the teller of the tale
as he bent down to look under the car,
wondering (after looking beneath the hood and discovering nothing)
if something needed had fallen free. As he
crouched to peer beneath little feel appeared beside him
and he was handed a spanner from the toolbox.

Then the other, the quiet one, fiercely nodding —
he found the passenger door opened and a little man —
complete with the white beard  (sound familiar?) —
clambered awkwardly into the car, settled
and, as he looked straight ahead, said,
'you can start the car now.'

The ignition key is turned by a shaking hand
and the ignition occurs, the car starts.
The little man smiles, said ‘I told you so,” and departed,
just as the original teller re-entered the car’s cabin.

The two drove away — perhaps they spoke
or perhaps they did not,
they never related — for many years tell no one;

what can be said
that would have anyone believe?

I did not, yet have decided to tell,
and you reading —
doubtless believe not a thing

yet the two did tell
and we sat and laughed

but I remember the quiet one nodding
and the tears on the face
of the teller as he told me
and I cannot quite shake this feeling
and a voice in my mind whispering,
‘there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio…’

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