Monday, 16 October 2017

first edit

The making of the beast #1:

In the darkness he discovers not
through design rather because of
difference what is not the same must
be hidden, destroyed, or shamed;

Through no misdeed only the luck of
the coin's other side he finds himself
the centre of the maze, watches in horror as
his horns grow, his reputation too, and
the shed blood also, because he was other than
as all should be and being the son of
a king or god saves him not
from the curse of deviation.

How the word spreads then, like ships
leaving the port, sails full to carry the whispers to
all the distant ports, to the bars and homes and even,
so it seems, into the bedrooms, to set a pulse within
the hearts and thighs of  those who crave
the very things they are told to despise.

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