Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Star-people spinning through the universe

Take the super strings strung
through the darkest of spread matter
mysteriously strumming with tunes
none of us understand,
test the theory that if my hand
moves up and down
the sounds are dimensions of possible outcomes
meaning mistakes happened once
and once they didn’t
 or they did differently
or they weren’t mistakes at all.
Next, take the quantum leaps –
the fields that are waves
that are particles
that aren’t even there
just  a potential or a probability
and probably when I look here
something else happens there
 and when I look there
I have no idea of what happened here.
As for the cat;
who is counting that purring time bomb
of an infinite number of only one life?

With all this going on and we star-men and women
needing each other if only
so we can revisit all the things we wished we weren’t,
is it any wonder we all choose to travel
into the wild dark wonder
where stars blink our names
and we have time to defeat
before we ourselves are  irrevocably defeated?
And really, thinking about it, we are just
that damn cat anyway.

And for those that believe
we’re all waiting for Cosmic God to cast His baleful eye
our way (or is it the damning universal devil
that flips the lid, delivers judgment upon us)
truth is the strings
can make order out of chaos
but only for a fleeting moment
before the next chaos comes casually along
and firmly plants us
in the middle of it all – a singularity
of impossible, giddying movement as if
we all rode wild stallion rocket ships
through the wastelands of space
yet managing every so often
to discover new, innovative ways
of smashing our tiny tin cans
into each other, thus ending or starting
what had just begun
or inversely, finished – the cat put out and brought in
at the same time.

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