Tuesday, 14 March 2017

space poem #9

Out in the ether
floating outside the cage
the line no better
than a monkey’s tail
promise it will one day let go

Visor captures the sound
of breathing within
hollowing it
carving breath into moments of birthing

Outside silence is given free rein
no language exists
in that place of speculation
possibilities and debris
past rotations, failed novas

In the void
insatiably whirling through galaxies
seeds chase their own tails
while unhatched stars
cry to be found

Starman spins slowly
waiting for sunrise
to sear away black holes
his singularity
bears the smell of used fuel

A million miles away
three children backs resting on dry grass
stare up at the night sky
see if in the patterns of the stars
they can discern their father

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