Monday, 27 March 2017

Before 1969:

In early life we swam in the time
before man had left the planet,
a dream time then, the savannah before us,
our imagination rippling
with the hunt of self pulling away from the sphere
without concrete proof we could - or if we did
what we would see: It is hard then, now,
to settle on an everyman’s couch and explain
the difference between that then
and this improbable now where everything appears the same
except in the gathered percolator of our psyche
where drips an insistent truth - we did leave,
did step on the moon’s dusty crust,
planted that flag so many of us detest,
yet ponder sometimes the truth - it is there still,
a monument unseen, poignant as it waits, frozen,
for a return to the dreaming of the great beyond.

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