Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Burning Bush speaks to Moses and his lover

If you believe then
when you come together
your hearts will part, two
red seas shifting allegiance,
leaving the space between where your words,
your hopes, can enter and be swamped
by the years; drowning in shared moments,
the traversed desert gone now…
those cavernous nights spent alone, prowling
for meaning, for a light other
than the moon’s false reflection of possibility
finally buried beneath the deluge
of this experience.

And if you believe then
when you lay down your words, your experiences,
your fears, your hearts will merge from the river
and carry you together as if the you two
might be babes born in the basket
not knowing where you head,
only that at some point your journey
will free you from all that has gone before;
so that like migratory birds you might
fly across the unnamed oceans
and find shores distant from your humble beginnings.

And in your ears, as you soar
your merged hearts
sound like trumpets loud enough
to tumble the proud walls of Jericho.

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