Thursday, 5 May 2016

Moses Displaced (edit 1)

This desert will entomb me.
Each grain of sand will consume me;
A feast of decay, a burial by decree.

This desert will not let me escape.
It will hold me in its grasp
While in the sun my waters evaporate.

I have carried my people far, as if
On a river we travelled, in a reed basket ,
Seeking the promised land —

The swaying tree, the white-tipped river
Winding between the shadows of the valley, the dreams
Prophets have handed down like swaddled babes.

But now I know.
This desert is the end for me.
It whispers; it sings
The desert’s words are my unravelling.

This will be the home of my bones until I
Am desert too, unrecognizable even by God,
Blown across the sands as sand myself.

This desert’s rising and falling bosom undoes me,
Drinking me into the expanse so uniform
I will be forever displaced.

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