Saturday, 19 September 2015

some things

Some things feel so close you know
that if you could just close your hand
you’d hold them forever
but the only forever
is that when you close your hand
the thing vanishes.

Some things whisper into your ears
in the dark night as your head
rests upon the pillow
and you think, ‘if I stay awake
I’ll remember’ and then you wake
six hours later.

Some things reappear
when she looks at you and you think
you might remember why you first loved her
but then she looks away
and you’re left with a hole
where your heart should be.

Some things are like smells that linger long after the moment has passed
and some things are like sunshine, brush your cheek
and makes red speckles flash upon your eyes
and some things haunt…creep up and down your spine
or grow feet that kick the walls
to the womb of who you really are

and some things are lost before you think
to remember them and then when you do
it’s an ache…a concrete reminder
of that thing that is gone, a sadness
that stays with you and cannot be held or kissed
or cared for in any way whatsoever

and some things should be left unsaid
while other things need to be spoken
and some things when heard change everything
and some poems contains things that stay with your
to come and go like seasons or tides
or people.

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