Sunday, 6 September 2015

In words we trust

Steel never worked
except for the collectors of blood
providing carcasses
over which wealthy hounds gathered
to howl,
their front feet resting on skulls
while worms burrow into the guts of everything.

Hiding never helped;
someone always found them
or the steel did
or the hounds and worms
or blackest coal lit the way
exposing them
and fear
finds everything, has a nose
large as an ocean,
ears and wide as the sky.

Pleading only makes dust
of the future,
makes forests fall and leaves
into graves for what may have been
if time was shared equally
between failure and hope
and we know that is never the case;
misery is the best poker player there is.

But words
written on paper, on walls,
spoken into the ears, into the streets -

words defeat steel because words
unlike the flesh
cannot be pierced, cannot be blooded
cannot be stopped by force.

Words have no heart
and so carry the hearts of us all.

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