Sunday, 3 August 2014

Upcoming publications and stuff.

Had dumplings with Stephen  (  and a bunch of authors (and 1 builder) and chatted about various things including these facts!

Catalina will be published in October

Followed by Catalina's Choice

Then Geppetto's Son

and then The Tree Singer.

So the future looks bright and I am buzzing 'cos Stephen and Satalyte are just boundless (in their bindings).

Chatted with him and I'll submit Dada's Seed next. Then I'll finish off the Minotaur book (at this point called The Forlorn Forest) and finally get around to starting on my Odysseus novel - no title for this one which is probably why its still in the poetry stage.

On another note, I sent off a short story (The Co-Joined) to a magazine - my attempt at a horror story and the reply was 'no'  then 'something, something' and  finally 'this is almost porn' - and I didn't even include a sex scene..... I'm guessing they didn't like my story (or they want the pictures).

One day I'll return to The Co-Joined by for now I'll let my porn rest on its it were.

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