Saturday, 4 August 2012

Cow jibe shows true heart of cattleman.

Mr Farley  explaining his business plans for a new abattoir designed to process old cows when he made this comparison. "So the old cows that become non-productive, instead of making a decision to either let her die in the paddock or put her in the truck, this gives us a chance to take non-productive animals off and put them through the processing system. So it's designed for non-productive old cows. Julia Gillard's got to watch out."

How typical of the conservative heart of this man that rather than explore the policy that irks him (and prevents him making his millions regardless of the animals' suffering)  he chooses to attack the person and, even easier, the sex of the person.

I know it has become the norm for the conservative side to attack the person, to humiliate the PM rather than to simply argue against her policies. It seems argument is not the easiest way to shift opinion, mud -slinging, name calling is. If Socrates were alive today I feel he'd be asked to drink Hemlock all over again, after all we cannot have reasoned debate get in the way of greed, can we?

How like the school ground bully the conservative has become. How grand that Mr. Farley compares the Prime Minister to an old cow. Bit like the American conservatives questioning Obama's American statues, his religious beliefs, his place of birth!

It seems the conservative Right has taken a leaf out of the Climate Sceptics or the Creationists. Do not worry about reason, simply grab a handful of bull's manure and throw it, and keep on grabbing it and keep on throwing it as often as you can, at the people you wish to dispose. No debate, just noise, anger and insults.

This is not politics, this is far worse. This is conservatism tantrums, little right wingers kicking their feet and screaming for all they are worth, after all, the teat of plenty is being withheld from their greedy little mouths.

As for the sexist remarks, I wonder how conservative voting women feel. Are they, too, simply old cows when deemed to be 'non-productive'?

And who decides when they become non-productive?

Mr Farley and his abattoir mates?

Is there a dollar to be made ridding the country of old cows no longer needed?

Perhaps what we need is more knackeries for the old bulls?

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