Friday, 3 August 2012

Blackest night (2)

As an aside to the Ghost article below. My brother and i had a chat during a game. This was after David had won the B&F. he was no longer in the firsts but was playing for the Bullants. His moment in the sun had passed. It must have been hard for him, to be on the outer when he had been a part of it for a time.

It was hard for his girlfriend too. Apparently football clubs, like so many other places in society, like to judge people according to their standing in the hierarchy. And so when the game had ended David's girlfriend could not leave the social club with the other girlfriend's and wives.

We asked her why. Simple really, it as not her place. David was a Bullants player and so she must wait for David to come and invite her down to the rooms. She had no special place within the club's hierarchy.

I think that may have been the moment I became disillusioned with the club. David had won a B7F surely, no matter what, no matter that he was now playing for the Bullants surely he deserved respect?

And anyway, why the hierarchy? Why do we feel this need to find our ladder position, exert control over those below, pretend a community with those of equal standing and stare up at those above, envious and plotting?

I liked David's friend. have no idea if they are married or even together now, these many years later but i smile sometimes when I think that David became a coach at Carlton and how did those same girlfriends and wives treat him then, when he had a say in their husbands or boyfriends futures?

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