Saturday, 30 April 2016


"The sun is within me and so is the moon"
Author: Kabir

Your hands
still embedded, minutely,
with fragments of bone
from the jaw of the jackass – how clearly
you should have seen then,
the warning implicit in your weapon –
 and the flesh that covers your fingers,
warm even now, ridiculed as your are,
chained and kept far from the sun,
flesh that has touched lips and breast and liquid essence, touch now
what your eyes can no longer see - and your mind explains to itself,
as only a mind can - how your eyes
have led you to this place;
for in the dark
you have forsaken yourself, followed instead
the fallacy of the moon
whose weight is nothing
compared to yours and whose light
is but a reflection, like the lake that reveals
but has no reality, yet
you gave the moon all your secrets,
allowed the moon to remove your strength
and now
your two hands, hands that once held, caressed and fought,
rest upon the pillars of the temple
as you strive to bring everything down…


the moon

and the shame of being blind when the sun
gave you all the light you ever needed.

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