Sunday, 14 December 2014

Hung, drawn etc..

The series continues...

Hung, drawn or quartered:

During the days when he believed in
the blue fairy’s magic wand his actions
were scattered upon the workshop floor,
shavings, curled, twisted, unconnected.
He lay as a log and let the plane
shape him into whatever design
the fairy deemed suitable for a boy.
In the days when he followed a cricket’s
whispers of conscience, his hands and legs
were guided by strings leading him down
alleys and through adventures – he became
a grey donkey to the strings’ carrot.

It was not until he let the wand go,
not until he severed the strings from
the puppeteer’s cross that Pinocchio’s
grain became skin, his resin, blood
and his yellow hat became separated
from the voluntary movements of his head.
It was a close thing, however, when belief
tumbled towards his unsteady feet.
Some villagers strung him up in fear,
others tried to burn him but Geppetto
discovered a haven in the stomach
of a wise whale and from there called him.

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