Tuesday, 21 October 2014

For Gough (humbly...awkwardly)

The great Bran died today (21/11/2014)

Beware satisfied dwellers of the otherworld,
beware you daisy-chewers, you bare-foot wanderers,
you locals who roam the green fields at leisure
slowly forgetting the time you held sway ‑
beware I tell you, for great Bran comes your way.

He shaped this country. He gave it a dream,
even though His own head was severed,
he brought arts into the light ‑ and for the young
gave out visions of a life to lead, of stories to tell,
tales of ink and canvas, of stage and film as well.

Oh, he was a great man who stirred the sleepers
of this Old Land; A Land so long asleep the people
thought it was all new and sparkling, and I think not
that he has passed for his words can still be heard
and if we take time to listen he will protect us yet.

A great man has taken his last breath in this world
and we behind who breathe and dream will remember him,
the young giant who called us out as he strode the landscape,
daring us to have aspirations, to battle with ourselves, to take
up the challenge and become the glorious beings we might be.

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