Thursday, 26 June 2014

another in the Odysseus collection

Shame is the longest route to the fields of death

It was so clever of me,
that wooden horse, so very
damn clever,  clever enough that I have found
my way across the sacred river
without two coins or the cold kiss of a blade
but, rather, through the longest death of all
that leaves no stone unturned in life
as it steals away all that is worthwhile,
the way a becalmed ocean doesn’t kill
but places all on board in death’s path
by taking all that is needed


and the wind you beseech never comes
but instead your voice goes across the waves
and in dry of the ocean cannot return
but is drowned to silence instead.

So it is with that damn horse, and me,
so very clever did I seek to upstage them all
and found myself alone forever
with the screams, the death, the fallen
comrades and foes…tricked one and all
by my oh so clever mind
that could not leave —

the way a dying sailor who has travelled the dangerous straits too many times
cannot leave alone
one last boarding, knowing
it must one day end…

and end it does
but not in death, rather, in the dull shame
of knowing death would be preferable
to the memory of such cleverness
that thousands died to celebrate it.

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