Tuesday, 25 February 2014

3rd Odysseus poem...a series?????


You, my fiend
though you held no preference towards me,
were not even aware of me,
your gaze, fixed as it was,
on places far beyond.

You, the beast
I needed to pierce so I could end the fever,
the cavernous ache
that beset every thought,
turning words on the page
into a swine’s dribble.

My thoughts and actions lost
in a foreseeable future,
not real
but imagined as if I had found
the garden of delights -
in truth I had found the fuel
and was consumed with need.

It made me a sheep,
I followed you around,
I wore you down,
the way small things do,
shrunk your gaze
until I filled it
and then
you relented and I stabbed that one place
I had swooned over for months and months;
we both were blinded
for a moment -
you to all your possibilities
and me to the truth

that this would never last

impossible things
never do.

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