Monday, 18 February 2013

Musing on artists

As we go through life we experience

things... Like the formation of a mother's face, sharpening to a point, a face unlike any other,
that then forever carries with it our responses to those experiences.

Our brains form connections between all of its selves, millions, trillions of connections into faces scents, memories, sounds, and so forth.

But each of us, every single human, shapes its own brain differently from every other human, even those who share language, family, even twins. Each unique.

The genius of the artist is that through their chosen medium
whether she chooses paint
or sound
or words
or dance
or all or other

they take their unique brain and offer its insights
as a means for others to see their own brain's unique experiences

as a somehow shared experience.

We feel

We leap

We are aware of our humanity
and find our uniqueness is also a shared experience that  the artist
through his medium

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