Saturday, 3 September 2011

Getting published

What a journey! In 1975 I dreamed of being a published author - mind you I didn't know a thing about how to become a published author and in those days there were no Writing Courses to help. So now, in 2011 I am a published author. Along the way I have had poems published, a couple of short stories published and then a novella called The Unrelenting, Unnerving Life of Pinocchio (which I am currently expanding)  was published digitally by Art & Sole publications (I'll talk about digital publishing in my next blog).

After Pinocchio was published, I sent the manuscript for The Tree Singer off to Dragonfall Press - a small, independent publisher of Fantasy and Sci Fi based in Western Australia. They picked it up, a contract was signed and now the book is in a small group of book stores waiting...

I have no agent, no million dollar 3 book contract, no movie deals (with producers in a mad bidding frenzy, waving dollars and percentages around like confetti),  no invitations to writing festivals, in fact not much at all has changed, but I do have a book published (and some days I walk past the local bookstore just to see it) and, as they say in that old song, you can't take that away from me.

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